World leading technology manufacturer.

Sharp Electronics is one of the world's leading technology manufacturers. The Sharp company motto of ‘Be Original’ represents our promise to create technology-based solutions that are rich in originality and uniquely Sharp. Sharp are continuously developing innovative products and services that help businesses operate more effectively and that make people’s lives more convenient and fulfilling.

Sharp Europe works with businesses and organisations of all sizes, from smaller, agile start-ups through to larger corporations and non-commercial organisations. Sharp understands how their needs will change as they grow and can provide scalable solutions that improve performance, enhance collaboration, increase productivity and help deliver the workplace of the future.

Sharp's leading Business Solutions range from printers and flat screen technologies, to document management and collaboration platforms, through to fully managed IT services.

Sharp is uniquely positioned to provide trusted advice and assurance to organisations on how their technology can work together seamlessly to enable businesses and people to create future workplaces.

Sharp is celebrating 50 years in the printing industry.

Sharp now produces an ever-evolving range of printers and photocopiers, required for so many workflows that drive productivity across every industry.

Sharp have the devices to suit you, from compact and affordable desktop printers for the home or small office, to powerful multi-functional, all-in-one printers for larger offices and light production printers for modern print rooms. Each device can be complemented by our document & print management software to enhance productivity and deliver a superior return on investment.

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