Breaking News, Business Owners. Printers are not DEAD yet

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

In a world full of technological advancements, it is hard to imagine that office printers are still a “thing”. In fact, more companies are going paper-free to deal with their documents over e-mail. It’s wonderful to be able to reduce waste and paper, but even in this digital age, it’s still necessary for offices to have the ability to print hard copies.

... Here are the main reasons why.

Not Everyone Is Paper-Free

Not all of your clients or customers are paper-free. There are still some people in this world who require documents in the physical form whether you like it, or not. You should invest in a copier if you don’t have one. But, if you do and it’s not working out in your favour or it’s too slow, try to upgrade to multifunctional printer/copier or call professionals who specialize in printer repairs.


Hard copies of your documents, either business or personal, serve as a technology backup. When your computer crashes or your network becomes unavailable, all the data you’ve stored can be lost. Permanently. Technology may have improved, however, there will never be any method as powerful as keeping paper documents stored in a safe place.

No. It’s not the time yet

There are still plenty of reasons why keeping physical copies of documents is necessary. Not only that, but modern multifunctional printers can save you a headache in the office, full of people, who need to print important documents as fast as possible.

Keep in mind, that there are printers in the market that support the environment and are structured to keep the waste as little as possible. If you would like to more about environmental-friendly printers, click here.

Other than that, as a bonus for you, we’ve listed a few ways how your copy machine wins your business immediately.

You will save a TON of money

If you have your own high-quality copier, you will save money in the long-run. Printing services in your area charge for paper, ink, and use of the machine. You never know when the price will increase.

Let’s not forget about the cost of travel to complete the tasks - printing documents. You can’t just say to your client: Oh, we will postpone printing your important document”. It doesn’t work like that.

Why would you not want to save hundreds of dollars and let your client wait? When you need a document you need it right then, correct?

Running a successful business is a long-term game. Investing in a gadget that supports the growth of your business plans and goals is crucial.

Speed, Satisfaction, and Efficiency

Your clients and costumers require and appreciate quality and timely services. When it comes to printing signature form, documents, or even copies of important information, your staff needs to be ready,

Copying and printing may arise multiple times a day. It’s time-consuming and very costly. Not only will quick responses lead to repeat clients, but they will also boost and improve your reputation.

Your staff will appreciate the addition of a multifunctional copy machine because they will be able to work more efficiently and productively.