3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Office Printers In 2020 And Beyond

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Who would have thought office printers are still very important in business when we have online invoices, e-contracts and we can pretty much send and create anything online to our clients and customers?

Why would anyone ever consider buying a multifunctional office printer?

There are top 3 reasons why your business needs an office printer even when it is 2020 or beyond because being completely paperless might not be as beneficial as you may think.

Think about your customers/clients

You may be paperless in your business, but let just imagine this situation. You’re responsible for providing your clients with invoices on the service or product they have purchased. Delivering the invoice via PDF might be a problem.

Image your client be a very small “mom and pop” company or an old-fashioned person, who rarely uses a computer and prefer to have documents printed.

When you send them your PDF, they’re not going to view the invoice and receiving the bill will be so much harder for them and for you to receive payment.

Not everyone is like this, that is for sure, but you get the point.

Having a reliable printer in your office is important for those customers who need documents in physical form. As a business, your aim is to serve your customers. Not make their life and cooperation with you harder, right?

Let them choose.

One mistake and all is gone

Maybe you were previously in a situation where you accidentally removed a very important document, image or video from your computer and then you were frustrated and angry with yourself.

In fact, we all know that feeling very well. Technology can’t be always reliable. If we didn’t back up our documents or work, after a computer crash, they might disappear forever.

Losing personal data, documents, spreadsheets is the worst-case scenario that can happen to you and your business. But, there is a solution.

Hard copies. We don’t say you need to necessarily keep a physical copy of every single document that you produce. Keep hard copies of the most important personal data that you cannot imagine losing.

Policies, employee information, accounting documents are worth printing and keeping.

Always make sure your documents are in a safe place.

The power feeling

Some feelings we humans have, you can’t just ignore or change. One of the most common strong feelings is when you have something to hold. This simply means for some people, working off a document that can be physically touched and marked-up, as opposed to looking at it off the computer screen.

This is very important for your employees. If you know that Jack prefers to mark-up the document with a pen and highlighter, you wouldn’t send him a PDF and tell him to correct it with Adobe Acrobat, would you?

Giving options for your employees will not only boost productivity, but it will make you a much more compelling leader that understands them.

For the record, when you are presenting a project in a PowerPoint or Keynote, it is very effective and engaging to provide your team a small paper packet of the points you’ll be going over or provide some useful handouts.

BONUS REASON: It’s so much cheaper!

Sometimes there are lots of papers, flyers, or documents that need to be printed in a bulk. If you go to the printing company and request the service, your wallet needs to be prepared.

One copy may cost you a couple of pounds. Imagine printing hundreds of those papers.

You’re going to pay an enormous amount of money, whereas, with your own multifunctional printer with high speed and high-quality printing, you are able to create as many copies you would like in few minutes with a cost of one copy less than 1 pound.

Why waste money, when you can have your own printing service at your office?

Even in this digital world, full of e-contracts, online invoices, and whatnot, it is still important to keep in mind the old-school customers and clients who prefer physical copies, but also think about your companies budget and your employees.

If you’re unsure about the benefits of using an office printer, maybe this short article, Forget The Famous Digital Age, Here Are The Most Important Reasons Why Printing Is Still Necessary, will help you understand it and our reasons even more.